Haichang Ocean Park Entered into Strategic Cooperation with Hirain Digital and Betop Culture Joins


Haichang Ocean Park Entered into Strategic Cooperation with Hirain Digital and Betop Culture

Joins Hands in Research and Development to Upgrade Theme Park’s Interactive Experience


(Hong Kong, 6 April 2017) – Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Ltd. (“Haichang Ocean Park” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, Stock Code: 2255), a leading developer and operator of theme parks in China, is pleased to announce the latest development of the marine cultural innovation business. Recently, the Company entered into strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai Hirain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (上海恒潤數字科技有限公司) (“Hirain Digital”) and Dalian Betop Culture Technology Co., Ltd. (大連博濤文化科技股份有限公司) (“Betop Culture”, Stock Code: NEEQ:832013) respectively in relation to comprehensive in-depth cooperation with the two companies in the creative production of marine culture-themed IP, as well as research and development, and upgrade and replacement of interactive experiential entertainment equipment in theme parks.

The cooperation of Haichang Ocean Park and Hirain Digital will include joint research and development in small and mid-scale interactive entertainment products with marine cultural elements, joint development of large-scale marine-themed dark ride attractions, as well as creative multimedia content production. The Company will initiate comprehensive in-depth cooperation with Betop Culture in creative production of marine culture-themed IP, multimedia technology advisory, enabling full cooperation between the Group’s 4D theatre in Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park (大連老虎灘海洋公園) and Hutan (虎灘) 360° fulldome flight cinema of Betop Culture as well as achieving overall reciprocal use of 4D movies and fulldome films sources.

Mr. Wang Xuguang, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Ltd., said, “Hirain Digital and Betop Culture are leading service providers of interactive technologies and virtual reality as well as top suppliers of multimedia content production in the country. The signing of the respective strategic cooperation agreements with Hirain Digital and Betop Culture is an important step for the Company in actively implementing the two major development strategies Regional Tourism Destinationand Marine Cultural Innovative Business. Through innovative models of cooperation (including joint research and development, cooperative operation and revenue sharing), each party’s strengths in resources, platforms, market information, technologies, creative development and operation experiences may be leveraged to realize resource sharing and complementing, and thereby effectively accelerating the implementation and replacement of new and existing projects on interactive entertainment products and programs of the Group, driving the progress of development in marine culture-themed IP, maintaining the Company’s ongoing innovation and rapid achievement transformation ability in themed entertainment technologies and the content area, achieving continuous increase in the non-ticket revenue percentage and profitability of the Company. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreements is in line with the strategic orientation of the Company, including proactively integrating resources, innovating its products and services and optimizing visitors’ experience. Furthermore, it will enhance the long-term core competitiveness of the Company.

About Shanghai Hirain Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hirain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lingnan Landscape Co., Ltd. (SHE: 002717) and a core business enterprise within the cultural tourism segment and a provider of virtual experience products and services for cultural tourism and entertainment education industries and users. Its principal businesses include technology exhibition and showcase, virtual reality, film and television and investment.


About Dalian Betop Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

Dalian Betop Culture Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for entertainment engineering in the PRC, providing a combination of creative culture and innovative technologies. Betop Culture is a listed company in National Equities Exchange and Quotations under the stock code 832013.

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