Haichang Ocean Park Corporate Information

Where are the corporate headquarters located?

Dalian, China

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Who are Haichang Ocean Park'' auditors?

Ernst & Young.

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Who are the members of the Board of Directors and Management Team?

The Governance section’s Management Team page.

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Can I be notified of upcoming news releases?

Yes, you may register for email alerts here.

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Financial Information

When is the next earnings release?

The Events section of our investor relations site has information on future earnings release dates.

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Where can I find the Hong Kong Stock Exchange filings or download and view inter...

The Financials section of our investor relations site has information on financial documents.

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When does the fiscal year end?

Our Year ends 31 December.

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Stock Information

What is the ticker symbol for Haichang Ocean Park'' common stock?

Our ticker is: 02255.HK

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On what exchange does Haichang Ocean Park common stock trade?

Our exchange is: HKEx

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How can I buy Haichang Ocean Park'' stock?

You can buy Haichang Ocean Park' common stock through your broker.

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When is the next annual shareholder meeting?

The next annual shareholder meeting is in June 25, 2015.

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